Documentation of Triangulated Chaser, remixed painting-in-motion/single channel video for Futurama: Música e Intervenção Ambiental -- curators: Andrea May + Erica Telles
projection at Praça des Artes / Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
8 December 2012

projection, dimensions variable, rt: 9.5 minutes, 2012.

Installation made possible in part courtesy Atelier Coletivo Visio (Salvador) and a residency at Instituto Sacatar (Brazil/California) funded by a Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs / Cultural Exchange (LACDA/CEI) travel grant.

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Triangulated Chaser: vimeo

Triangulation: vimeo

Chasing Tail International: vimeo

Triangulation (2012) proposes to set abstract action painting free from the weight of art history by restoring and extending motion to paint moves without resorting to the use of narrative. Triangulation is a series of fifteen second vignettes of both abstract action and color field paintings-in-motion in a looped cycle four minutes in duration. Four unique transitions connect the vignettes. While each vignette has distinct characteristics -- frustrated agitation, churning repression, jamming traffic and explosive vertigo -- what they locate as a suite are possibilities of release through rematerialization. This comes from "letting paint be paint" in each vignette -- actions, edges and motions are defined by marks, textures and color -- while exaggerating the material qualities of paint via projection (proportion, relief) and sequencing (repetitions of actions in and over a time base). Neither portraits nor landscapes in the traditional sense of the terms, Triangulation's component parts may perhaps instead be experienced as portraits of actions or actions of landscapes.

Triangulation was originally presented as part of Immaterial Ergonomics, a group exhibition with Brice Bischoff, Ryan Perez, Matt Sheridan, and Maria Walker at Space 4 Art in San Diego, CA from14 April through 26 May 2012. The installation was made possible in part by an ARC grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation. Curators: Ariel Mitchell, Chris Warr, Joshua Jon Miller, Mike Calway-Fagen and Morgan Manduley.

Chasing Tail International (2011-2) is a project which stretched possibilities of one painting-in-motion projection by inserting it into various global locations.

The title describes motion seen in the painting. Chasing Tail is a double entendre: a circular motion performed by pets and slang for hitting on/picking up sex partners. The grinding movements relate to sex or frustration, depending on context. Movements are generated from real paint marks and real paper folds sequenced and composited over time and into space

Constructed in New Delhi, India and Los Angeles, CA, I tested CT in multiple locations over a two year period: my Boyle Heights studio (12' x 8'), a Finland bedroom (8' x 6'), an exterior Berlin wall (16' x 12'), a London church (13' x 9'), a group exhibition in upstate NY with its corollary painting, a French chateau on the Cote d'Azur, and finally both Sao Felix and Salvador in Bahia, Brazil.





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