single-channel painting-in-motion video animation, 2.67 minute loop,
dimensions variable, 2014.

Presented as part of Circuitos das Artes 12 April 2014 @ Lala,
Rio Vermelho, Salvador da Bahia -- curator: Eneida Sanches

Video documentation includes source + footage taken from courtyard window and kitchen of Edificio Ali Baba 29 #301, Rua Politeama de Cima, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
14 April 2014.

documentation rt: 2.75 minutes

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orixámatic: vimeo

Orixámatic makes visible the invisible movements of Candomblé Orixás in the here-and-now and the history of the world.  This painting-in-motion indexes seven Orixás -- Exu, Ogum, Iansa, Xango, Oxum, Oxossi and Iemanja --  their actions and affect, using handmade painted marks in Orixá colors sequenced over a timeline, then layered over each other into the darkness (of real life?).  Orixámatic begins with fire, violence, water and lightning leading to organic growth, followed by the cacophony of the technological sublime we exist in today.  While the Orixás' stories are concrete and figurative, their actions and implications -- and our interpretations of them -- are abstract, reverberating through history, across continents and through participants --Baianos/Baianas and otherwise -- to our complicated present.  My interpretation is particularly abstract in that I am not conversational in Portuguese; so I've chosen to speak in a learned/shared language of color as I explore the language of Bahian movement. As such, Orixámatic's form demonstrates concepts of Orixás' actions, but also supposes their difficulties in communication with us as our attention spans get shorter and shorter during a time of increased secular globalism.

Orixámatic was composed, edited and assembled at Instituto Sacatar (Itaparica, BA), Santa Fe Art Institute (NM / USA), and Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.  Orixámatic was partially funded by LADCA/CEI,  SFAI, Antics Performance (Los Angeles CA / USA), and SECULT (BA). Sections of Orixámatic were used in Amy "Catfox" Campion's dance film 
Street Dance Orixás (2013).

The premiere presentation of Orixámatic at Lala celebrated the opening of
Circuitos das Artes Festival 2014 in Salvador da Bahia.  The artist thanks
Eneida Sanches for her support through invitation and providing projection gear for Orixámatic at Lala.

The following link is documentation of the Lala premiere edited by Andrea May:


Orixámatic is a sketch for a larger public work -- Contours of Belief /
Contornos da Crença, an exterior architectural installation with audio sculpture --  premiering April 30in Salvador da Bahia.  

Contours of Belief / Contornos da Crença is a painting-in-motion by Matt Sheridan.
The Brazilian creative team for Contours of Belief is Andrea May
(aka May Happy Downlady, curator/co-producer/artistic director, Atelier Coletivo VISIO), Junix (aka Juninho Costa, sound designer) and Ana Paula Bringel
(co-producer/researcher), with audio performance by Luvebox FX (Junix + May).
Contours of Belief is funded by SECULT (Secretary of Culture) Bahia, Brazil.

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