Disinformation Breakdown: New Delhi Remix
installation from Iconoclasts+Iconodules, curator: Ombretta Agro Andruff
Religare Arts Initiative Gallery, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India
8' x 27' (2.44 m x 8.23 m), 2008-11 rt: 3 minutes

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This site-specific work, originally 15' x 60', was made in a former weapons of mass destruction factory converted into an art school, during a war in which most students knew no soldiers in their social circles. A sound montage from Painters Painting (1972) --in which all references to art were redacted --was played on a toll free number accessible only by cellphone.

In 2011, this work was shrunk down by 1/2 (from 15' x 60' to 8' x 27') to fit into the context of a New Delhi group show, "hanging" with paintings and sculptures outside the black box. This was the first work in which I used animated paintmarks to drive the work as a whole.


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