Curse of the Paper Tigers
installation from group show Apogee, curators: Elmar Hermann, Marcus Herse + Michael Rey
JB Jurve, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
variable dimension projection on four walls with two monitors and cell phone sound, 2011 rt: 2 minutes

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curse of the paper tigers: vimeo

Saturday evening August 6 at JB Jurve, Matt Sheridan presented (as part of Apogee) a one-night only event entitled Curse of The Paper Tigers. His outdoor six channel animation video installation (four projections + two vertical monitors) explored dissonant desires shared by Chinese and American cultures.

Sheridan, an occasional expatriate who recently lived, worked and traveled across Asia, animated signs and actions of economics, sexuality, conflict and redaction for projection across JB Jurve's rooftop wall. For instance, the spheres of a Newton's cradle were selected as a shifting signifier for their proximity to the cliché of the executive desk toy, the machismo of dropping testicles, a scale reference to wrecking balls swinging into the building and even ben-wa balls, a sex toy used by both men and women.

The sound for Curse of the Paper Tigers, transmitted by a toll free number via cellphone, was edited from real travel footage shot by Sheridan montaged with Mandarin instructional tracks. This site-specific work, installed on rooftop walls of a Chinese travel agency renting gallery space to artists in LA's Chinatown, formed an arena in the round where all action was peripheral in the interest of re-evaluating our "interesting times."

** Now this work only exists online; source material and backup were stolen, like spaghetti from the Chinese, on a train between Rome and Napoli October 2011.

Aaron GM, Joe Baiza, Nüans, Michael H. Shamberg, Matt Sheridan
Saturday evening 8-10 pm August 6 - September 20, 2011

742 N Broadway, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 90012



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