American Qi was founded in 2014 by artist Ariel Mitchell as a means to combine two equally important and personal elements of creativity — fashion and visual art — by exploring the intersection of materialism and meaning using the place of the image in the consumer market.

The initial American Qi collection featured artists Alex Nuñez and Matt Sheridan, who provided designs for three sweatshirts and a scarf, as well as projections.
The American Qi LAUNCH PARTY was at 103 Allen Street (corner of Delancey),
20 September 2014 from 8pm - 12 am, with the FASHION SHOW at 10.

Matt Sheridan thanks Ariel including his work in her line, Alex for being straight-up awesome, and especially Cora Lim and Mikhail Shraga for their installation assistance before and after the launch party.

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AMERICAN QI is proud to present: Paint, and the Use Of

Painting is a fundamental problem. Its death has been proclaimed again and again, and yet artists still beat the dead horse with their brushes. And for what?
Has art not yet moved on?

I would argue that Yes, art has moved on, but art does not leave things behind. Instead of moving forward, like a train, it expands, contracts, slurps and wiggles, and reaches into places unexplored, but does not ever let go of its roots: painting. The fundamentals of art school, and the fundamentals of people. 

So with American Qi's first exhibit, we celebrate this medium with two artists who use paint as the backbone of their practice and yet push it limits to places unexplored. 

Matt Sheridan is an artist based in LA who travels the world to realize his projects. Using paint as a starting point, he translates the brush strokes into projected video, creating incredible paintings-in-motion in which one can be in.

Alex Nunez is an artist based in New York. Her work delves into the obsessiveness of pop-culture, as she mixes glitter and glamour into the medium to combine glitz with the gross realness of paint. 

text by: Ariel Mitchell (curator)

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